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      Hi Fashionlovers, I’m sorry for my absence. I thought it will work out with photographing in Barcelona but I was waaaay to busy with other things. I’m so sorry! But i’m back now and I will update you every day. I had an awesome time in Barcelona. You have to go there! […]

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    Hi Fashionlovers, I am in Barcelona for two days now, and I am enjoying my time here. The weather is fantastic and the people are even better. We are here with a big group from my study. It is so much fun to see that I am getting to know these people a […]

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    Hi Fashionlovers, Yesterday I bought these amazing fringes. I am in love with them!  It’s a really nice way to pimp your sneakers. They are available in a lot of different styles and colors. I bought them in the Fashionchick  POP-UP store in the Pijp. The brand is PiNNED by K. I combined […]

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The Pink Coat


  Hi Fashiongirls, How are you doing?! I got a lot of questions about where I bought my pink coat. It’s from the brand SOAKED in luxury. Today I had a funny day with one of my best friends. I haven’t seen her for a while because she went to NEW YORK.  I was so jealous!! […]

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  Hi Fashiongirls, I’m back with this new outfit post.  I was very busy these days with my birthday parties. My vacation finally started. Last friday I went to The Harbour Club with my girls. There were a lot of people so there was a nice atmosphere. They gave me a very nice present from Chanel, […]

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Denim day


  Hi Fashiongirls, I had a lovely birthday. It all started yesterday morning. My little brother surprised me with breakfast in bed. He made an egg all by himself. He was so cute, he came into my room singing with his self-made eggs and fresh strawberry juice in his hand. After I finished my breakfast […]

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kday 2

    Hi Fashiongirls, I had an awesome Kings day and you?! Amsterdam is THE city where you have to be with Kings day! I went to ‘Het Paardje’ in Amsterdam. That’s a cafe in the middle of the Pijp. It was very busy and fun. I really liked it because almost all of my friends […]

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Green Saturday


      Hi Fashiongirls, I’m super happy with all the comments I received yesterday! My boyfriend and most of my girlfriends are supporting me. They give me a lot of motivation. Yesterday when I woke up it felt like a sunday. I didn’t know what to do. I stayed in my bed but then […]

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Lips like sugar


        Hi Fashionlovers, Today is a special day for me. The sun was shining so I had a good begin to start the day. It’s the day I release my own fashion blog. I’m new with this so I have to learn a lot.. I am not the type of a person […]

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