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Autumn in Amsterdam


Hi fashionlovers, Guess who is back… I’m so sorry for my absence but I was very busy with my work. Well the autumn has begun but the sun still shines so we have nothing to complain!  Yesterday I went to the forest with my boyfriend because I thought it will be the best place where […]

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Crazy but I like it

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    Hi Fashionlovers, Last week I went to the Lofty Manner fashionshow. My girlfriend Chelsey did an amazing job! Her new collection is very cool, you should check it out on her website www.loftymanner.com. Chelsey gave me some awesome clothes! You will see it soon on my blog. Saturday I went to Den Haag […]

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Dandy sweater


    Hi Fashionlovers, Last thursday I had to work during the Vogue Fashion Night Out at Gimmicks, a fashion store in the Pc Hooftstraat. They sell two brands, Elisabetta Franchi en Nikkie. I had to work for Elisabetta Franchi as photographer. It was very nice to meet a lot of different people and to make a lot […]

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Busy busy busy


Hi Fashionlovers, I am happy to say that I sold a lot of Kardashians tees! I sold also some tees to people who I even don’t know and I really like that!  It has been a busy week for me. Busy but fun! I went to two different events this week. The first event I […]

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  Hi Fashionlovers, I finally got my t-shirts and I really like them. I sell them for 40 euro’s inc. the shipping costs in the Netherlands. Yesterday I was walking in the city and a few girls asked me where I bought this Kardashian T-shirt.  So before I posted the picture on Instagram I already […]

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The jacket


  Hi Fashionlovers, I had a wonderful time last weekend with my family and friends. We went saturday and sunday to the Sail. All the boats together looked amazing especially the big sails. It seemed impossible to climb to the top of the ships but I saw it with my own eyes and they did […]

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First work week


      Hi Fashionlovers, I finished my first week as intern at So Pr and I really like it. The people are so sweet and they help you with everything. Every day all kind of stylist are passing by. They need clothes for magazines, celebrity styling, public appearances, tv commercials etc. So I am […]

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  Hi Fashionlovers, I am back in Holland and I don’t like it. My vacation was awesome! I’ve done and seen a lot. I really want to be in the USA now, I miss it already. Everything was amazing, I want to live there when I am older. Now back in Holland, the life goes […]

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Los Angeles


Hi Fashionlovers, Sorry for my absence, an injury in my shoulders has come back. So I have a lot of pain. I am now for 4 days in Los Angeles and it is AWESOME. I want to live here, this place is fantastic. I stay in The London, a hotel in West Hollywood. They have […]

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  Hi Fashionlovers, I am now for almost four days in Hawaii and I am already in love with this Island. Exactually I am at Oahu, a state of Hawaii. I am staying in hotel Halekulani for one week. It is very beautiful, there are a lot of nice beaches. The weather is great and […]

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