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Velvet is fall’s hottest textile!


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Hi Fashionlovers,

What do you think about the Velvet trend this fall? I love it! I’m feeling hot today haha. You can find it almost in every shop. The Topshop, H&M and Mango are having a lot of  velvet in their fall collection.  Velvet looks amazing actually in deep colors like green, red, blue and black. And what about velvet blazers? I am a fan! That is something that will always looks incredibly cool.

I have some good news to reveal, I started collaborating with two cool brands. If you live in Amsterdam, you probably know the popular ‘BOEF’ sweaters, well this brand, Colourful Rebel  asked me for a collaboration. I am a huge fan of the brand so I immediately said yes when they asked me. You will find the pictures I am going to make one of these days on my Instagram!

Cluse watches (a super nice brand),  asked me also for a collaboration. I’ve seen the brand a couple of time on Instagram and I think their watches are very popular. A lot of bloggers are wearing these watches and know I am one of them!  I chose a goldtone color, it looks very good with gold bracelets. I will also post a picture of it on my Instagram this week.

I hope you all are having a nice weekend!


Blazer H&M || Pull H&M || Short TOPSHOP || Bag SAINT LAURENT || Boots GUCCI

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