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Hi Fashionlovers,

I am happy to say that I sold a lot of Kardashians tees! I sold also some tees to people who I even don’t know and I really like that!  It has been a busy week for me. Busy but fun! I went to two different events this week. The first event I went to was the one from Milla, the pop up store (you still have to visit it)! They got really nice things for three different prices. The clothes where priced with stickers from 30, 50 and 70 euros.  I got from Milla a very cool biker jacket, I will make this weekend an outfit post with it. I saw by the pre-opening a few famous bloggers and BNR’s from Amsterdam so it was nice to have a little chat with them. Tuesday I went to the launch from Blueberry, a new brand with very cool glasses.  The glasses protect your eyes against blue rays. So whenever you use your phone, laptop our computer the glasses protect you. I call the glasses Netflix glasses haha. It is very useful because almost everybody uses everyday his mobile phone or computer.  They sell the glasses in almost every color and they have three different models. I say buy it! Oohyeah it is almost weekend and my moms birthday, so I am going to party! But first I have to find the perfect birthday present #wishmeluch

Tee ZARA || Skirt H&M || Shoes PAUL WARMER || Panty WOLFORD || Bag VALENTINO


3 thoughts on “Busy busy busy”
  1. Valerie 3 september 2015 on 21:54 Beantwoorden

    Leuke outfit! Is de top van de huidige collectie?

  2. Yosi 7 september 2015 on 11:35 Beantwoorden

    He, jij bent toch die fashionblogger ???

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