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Hi Fashionlovers,

I had a wonderful time last weekend with my family and friends. We went saturday and sunday to the Sail. All the boats together looked amazing especially the big sails. It seemed impossible to climb to the top of the ships but I saw it with my own eyes and they did it like it was nothing. The firework in the evening was incredible! When I came home I also saw firework from my bedroom haha.
I work now almost two weeks for So Pr and I really like it! Yesterday I got recognized as a blogger by Maria Tailor, that was very nice haha. Thursday I will go to a pop up store from a new brand called Celez in the Gerard Doustraat. There will be a lot of BNR’s so I hope that I can network a little bit. I will tell you later more about it!

Jacket H&M || T-shirt LAUNDRY INDUSTRY || Jeans FRANKIE B. || Sneakers NIKE HUARACHE


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