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The Pink Coat









Hi Fashiongirls,

How are you doing?! I got a lot of questions about where I bought my pink coat. It’s from the brand SOAKED in luxury. Today I had a funny day with one of my best friends. I haven’t seen her for a while because she went to NEW YORK.  I was so jealous!! She had a lovely time with her family and boyfriend. Unfortunately she couldn’t come to my birthday but she bought me a super gift, Valentino sunglasses. I couldn’t believe it!!  My girl wanted to take some pictures today for my blog. We had a lot of fun as you can see at the picture above this text. The man came up out of nowhere with his cake haha.  We spend the rest of the day in the city. We had some lunch with my boyfriend at Homemade. It’s a little restaurant along the Singel with very delicious sandwiches. After our delicious lunch we went for a walk in the city.

Coat SOAKED in luxury || T-Shirt NIKKIE || Jeans ZARA || Shoes PAUL WARMER || Bag MSGM


6 thoughts on “The Pink Coat”
  1. Ruuuuby 8 mei 2015 on 10:12 Beantwoorden


  2. Rooo 8 mei 2015 on 10:42 Beantwoorden

    My fashiongirly????

  3. Demi 8 mei 2015 on 11:41 Beantwoorden

    OMG HOW are you so skinny love your style and figure! And the cake picture is so funny! Xx

  4. Nancy 8 mei 2015 on 18:20 Beantwoorden


  5. Quintela 8 mei 2015 on 22:37 Beantwoorden

    I want the pink coat ???!

  6. maleigz 22 mei 2015 on 14:14 Beantwoorden

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