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Hi Fashiongirls,

I had an awesome Kings day and you?! Amsterdam is THE city where you have to be with Kings day! I went to ‘Het Paardje’ in Amsterdam. That’s a cafe in the middle of the Pijp. It was very busy and fun. I really liked it because almost all of my friends were there. We had a lot of fun. People were dancing and screaming on the tables. There was a nice atmosphere, everybody was happy. I got a lot of sweet reactions about my blog. Also some funny reactions, people were saying: ”Hey thats the famous blogger OMG take a picture”. I had to laugh about that. It was nice to hear that many people had seen my blog and that they really liked it.

Jacket ZARA || BLOUSE H&M || Jeans ZARA || Tie CHANEL || Sunglasses RAY BAN || Bag VALENTINO || Sneakers NIKE FLKYKNIT MAX


7 thoughts on “Kingssssday”
  1. Kelsey 28 april 2015 on 13:18 Beantwoorden

    Doe je goed fashionista! Ga zo door xxx Kel

  2. Demi 28 april 2015 on 13:24 Beantwoorden


  3. Nancy 28 april 2015 on 17:28 Beantwoorden

    You are my queen???

  4. kimberley 29 april 2015 on 05:13 Beantwoorden

    nice blog. Great taste?

  5. Bodhi 29 april 2015 on 17:16 Beantwoorden

    Je smaak is perfect ✔️??

  6. Ruuuuby 30 april 2015 on 12:25 Beantwoorden


  7. Blonde Nancy 4 mei 2015 on 08:00 Beantwoorden

    Top Room ga zo door love you!!!!!! XXX

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