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Green Saturday










Hi Fashiongirls,

I’m super happy with all the comments I received yesterday! My boyfriend and most of my girlfriends are supporting me. They give me a lot of motivation. Yesterday when I woke up it felt like a sunday. I didn’t know what to do. I stayed in my bed but then I realized that my outfit for Kings day wasn’t complete. So I went immediately to the city to buy some orange things. After my 1.5 hour shopping moment I went to The Oyster Club in Amsterdam to complete my day with a nice dinner.

About my outfit:  I went for the color green. I wanted to match my jacket with my sunglasses and my bag with those metallic colors. And I think it worked out.

Jeans Zara || Jacket AW/XII (Fanny Lyckman for Estradeur) || T-shirt Cos || Sunglasses Ray-Ban || Boots Gucci || Bag Alexander Wang || Bracelet Celine


11 thoughts on “Green Saturday”
  1. Serena 26 april 2015 on 15:44 Beantwoorden

    i just love your style, and the pictures with your handsome boyfriend!! Love it it’s like a movie to me! You are so fancy well done and keep doing it like this! Xoxo

  2. Dzeneta 26 april 2015 on 16:20 Beantwoorden


  3. phijnely 26 april 2015 on 16:31 Beantwoorden

    Hi topper,
    Ziet er super uit… You go Girl
    Kusjes phijntje xo

  4. Quinty 26 april 2015 on 16:58 Beantwoorden

    Je blog is nu al top! Kan je alvast vertellen wat je met Koningsdag aan gaat doen morgen? X

  5. Ruuuuby 26 april 2015 on 17:09 Beantwoorden

    Super trost op je !!! ???

  6. Nancy 26 april 2015 on 21:59 Beantwoorden

    You go girl!
    You rock The green!!!?

  7. Bodhi 27 april 2015 on 10:05 Beantwoorden

    Topper zus ❤️✔️

  8. Mandy 28 april 2015 on 15:58 Beantwoorden

    Te leuk gewoon

  9. Dane pixie 28 april 2015 on 16:59 Beantwoorden

    Topper!!? Trots op je ??


  10. Soraya 28 april 2015 on 18:09 Beantwoorden

    Love it!! x

  11. Britney 29 april 2015 on 09:35 Beantwoorden

    Heel leuk! Ga zo door?

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