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  Hi Fashionlovers, I am back in Holland and I don’t like it. My vacation was awesome! I’ve done and seen a lot. I really want to be in the USA now, I miss it already. Everything was amazing, I want to live there when I am older. Now back in Holland, the life goes […]

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Los Angeles


Hi Fashionlovers, Sorry for my absence, an injury in my shoulders has come back. So I have a lot of pain. I am now for 4 days in Los Angeles and it is AWESOME. I want to live here, this place is fantastic. I stay in The London, a hotel in West Hollywood. They have […]

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  Hi Fashionlovers, I am now for almost four days in Hawaii and I am already in love with this Island. Exactually I am at Oahu, a state of Hawaii. I am staying in hotel Halekulani for one week. It is very beautiful, there are a lot of nice beaches. The weather is great and […]

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Paris in Vegas


    Hi Fashionlovers, I LOVE LAS VEGAS, I don’t want to leave this place but everything has an end. All the hotels are amazing in their own way, they got all something special. And not to forget, almost all hotels got a lot of shops. Its really cool that they build hotels like Paris […]

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Caesars Palace


    Hi Fashionlovers, Yesterday I went to the Caesars Palace, that’s the hotel where they shot the movie Hangover. I like to visit places I’ve seen in movies.  It was very funny because I  recognitized a lot of things of the movie. The hotel is decorated in Greek style, you can see wonderful statues. I […]

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First days in Vegas


  Hi Fashionlovers, I really enjoy my time here in Vegas. You have to go once in your life to this incredible place! I’m standing at the picture on a bridge where you can see a big part of the strip. At day light it’s amazing but it in the evening it’s incredible!  The strip […]

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Goodbye Miami


  Hi fashionlovers, My vacation in Miami has come to an end. I had a lovely time with my family and I will be back within 3 weeks.  Now I’m for 10 days in Las Vegas. I’ve been here a couple times before and I still like it. It is an amazing city, a totally […]

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  Hi Fashionlovers, Wednesday I’m going to say goodbye to Miami because I’m leaving to another city. I’m super excited for my new destination. I am going to make some crazy pictures because it’s a crazy city. Sunday I had the intention to go to Club Liv but I was way too tired so unfortunately […]

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Miami street


Hi Fashionlovers, How are you doing? Friday I went to a restaurant called Flanigans they’ve got the best spare ribs of the world. You have to try them when you’re in Miami. It’s a crazy restaurant with sharks and fishes all over the walls. Saturday the hotel was very busy because of a big poolparty. […]

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Army look


Hi Fashionlovers, It’s my third day in Miami and I’m still enjoying my time. I love the victoria secrets shops everywhere , I am in heaven!! There’s a new cool gadget called the ‘airboard’ it looks crazy. It’s like a electric skate board, you fly over the ground. While you are boarding everbody looks at you […]

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